Magic Fairy Adventures

Present days within nature's hysterical laughs
Curiosity makes things deeper

Spring Term 2014 drawings

My identification is a Non-Linear Multi-Dimensional Gender-Fluid New Soul.
I see identity as a mindset.

MLP stands for Megan Lavender Petri, but it isn’t my full name, Stark & Turnip also follow, and Baby Ugly is just about to be born. These are all my first names I named myself through rebirth cycles.

I have lived many lives in the body I have and these names reference that. Each name comes with a diverse set of characteristics and quirks of individual identities. I identify challenges and obstacles with alter-egos, changing who I am to conquer issues.

Here I am exploring gesture as a documentation of individual identities within the whole body. I am relating the exterior sculpture to the inner subjective experience by solidifying them as their own.

The complexity of self has many contrasting behaviors so I was looking to highlight these aspects for a sense of empowerment through acceptance.

Georges Bataille discusses the eroticism of the inner experience as;

man achieved his inner experience at the instant when bursting out of the chrysalis he feels that he is tearing himself, not tearing something outside that resists him. He goes beyond the objective awareness bounded by the walls of the chrysalis and this process, too, is linked with the turning topsy-turvy of his original mode of being (Bataille 1962, 33).

My themes within this creative process are metamorphosis, identity, transcendence, and the unite of fantasy and reality.

Petri The Ghostcat
Spring 2014

When two souls drive
Continued alive
Simply terrified
in a body glide
December 29th 2013 9:46pm
Mixed Media

John Waters Christmas Special
December 6th 2013
Ink pen

Lion in cold night-time
December 1st 2013
Ink Pen

The best of my Lovecraft Bar drawings!

The Reel
Ink and White out
August 2013

Mixed media
August 2013

Ink and Marker
August 2013

Ink and Marker
August 2013


Observational figure drawing
Mixed media
Spring 2013